Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The death-throes of the Irish “green “ party

I was a member of the Irish Green party from 1983-3, when I let my membership lapse, and 1997-2003. I was a member of national council, the policy body, 1998-2003 and science and tech head 1997-2003. I resigned at that point because of an incident where a TD for the greens  turned out to be  an oil millionaire, money inherited from his Yank granda.

What was particularly worrying was the lack of reflection about the party and its direction. A dystopia ensued; points of principle were to be used as bargaining chips. Shell, Tara etc are well-known and are arguably politics as usual, if of a craven, immoral and short-sighted-variety; what is not so well-known is the numerous incidents of criminal activity by the 2007-2011 "greens" in government.

The “greens “ began to use issues on which they had privileged info (see below) in a way that was downright evil. They had inside info on bribing of students by DCU management , with one of the students coming to parliament to give evidence to Paul Gogarty who brought tenure up as an adjournment debate; the latter then did nothing in government , and got 20k a year extra for being education chair in parliament. The state lost many millions from the litigation that ensued; G's famous outburst was the day after this defeat. The current leader, Eamon Ryan, who just lost a bid for redemption in the EU, is a worse case

First of all, two points;
  1. Ryan's defeat is probably the end of the Irish greens. My sense is that they bet the house on his winning.
  2. There is no trouble creating another “green” party; fis nua did so in a short time. The problem is attracting people from a wide range of backgrounds, like the 1997-2002 Greens had, from cultural nationalists to (retired) physical force republicans like the late Frank Gallagher, to fundamentalist greens who were very emotional in the period 2006-2007 about the destruction of their party. (Soubresauts aka Joe Thornton comes to mind. )

We are going to rebuild Ireland; we have no choice, bar emigration. We need to get culture and tech back and the Greens refused to act in any way other than to support Fianna Fail in their “policies” on these aspects (essentially, steal all the IP and destroy the competition)

What is interesting for me in particular about Ryan is his refusal to act on several aspects of Irish culture on which he had privileged information. One such piece of info was given to him personally at his own behest in his ministerial office in 2007. It showed that the chair of IMRO had been involved in copyright theft and illegal licensing of Irish music abroad.

One phone call and Ryan could have resurrected the now moribund music industry. A delicious karmic irony, one that younger readers of this site might attend to, is that he probably would have won the EU seat had he done so. The person who handed him the documents is very well connected in Dublin (certainly worth over 504 votes) and should not have had to go to US federal court to sort this out;

I will leave it at that for now unless we get yet another defense of the indefensible; there is much, much more about these scum and their time in government that can be said.

PS I probably should have included this context;

1. While in opposition in late 2003, Ryan contacted the musician above to say that his friend Eleanor Blah..., lawyer for Ireland's national state-funded broadcaster (RTE), urgently need help as IMRO were trying to extort them

2. Both the musician above and Donal Lunny agreed to give evidence; IMRO backed down

3. Ryan was also aware of the Irish music scam, a system that impoverished Irish musicians and destroyed that industry


5. Everything suggests he did indeed make a phone call - and please note his still sumptuous lifestyle on one full income.......

6. apart from the numerous official perks they got while in government simply for selling out everything we ,Greens believed in, there is good reason the believe they got bonuses for being good little whores with
 NAMA etc

7. I would not be at all surprised to find that 100k was lodged in a Cayman islands account and wasted in this failed Euro run